Iowans should expect their state and local governments to be efficient and responsive to the public. During my tenure as the Chair of the House Government Oversight Committee, we asked hard questions of state officials to ensure that government offices were run efficiently and in the best interest of Iowans and that tax dollars and government resources were used appropriately. As Auditor, I will ensure state and local resources are managed responsibly so your Government works for you.


Iowans should know how their tax dollars are being spent by state and local governments. As Auditor, I will work with local governments to be more responsive to public record requests and to publish reports on my website so they are easily available to everyone.

Stopping Waste, Fraud, and Mismanagement

Iowans should know their tax dollars are not going to waste and that public officials are not committing fraud or mismanaging public funds. As Auditor, I’ll make sure the state and local governments are spending public funds for public projects, not funding special interests.

Serving Iowans

The office of Iowa State Auditor should not be used to score political points. Using the powers of the office for political witch-hunts is a sideshow that does nothing for the taxpayers. Time and time again, our current Auditor has shown that he’ll do anything for media attention. We need a public servant who will follow the law and focus on the core duties of the office.